The Canberra 5 is here! It’s a blog and a vlog; a relaxed place to chill and watch (or read) about awesome Canberra stuff.

Check out our latest vlog on 5 Fabulous French Toasts here!

We are Canberra proud and we want everyone to know how great Canberra is.

The Canberra 5 is passionate about delicious food, new experiences, living life in this great city … and making lists. If we can put it in a Top 5, you’ll find it here!


Michelle and Miguel have been working in the Canberra film, radio and television landscape for over 20 years. Between the two of them, there is little they cannot do. It is their passion for all things Canberra that has fuelled this venture. 🙂



If you have an idea for a list of 5 things, send it in and we will have a look. Totally open to all ideas … doesn’t mean we will do it, but we love to hear them!

If you have a venue or product you would like included in our reviews, please let us know. We love to be invited places!