5 Must-have Bacon and Egg Rolls on the Southside

Canberra has too many great Bacon and Eggs Rolls, said no one ever!  It is absolutely true though, if you are trying to narrow it down to just five.

The first big hurdle was deciding what we considered a bacon and egg roll to be.  Was it limited to a bun with bacon, egg and condiments only?  Or could the introduction of extra elements be included, and if so, how many?  One of the most ridiculously delicious burgers came with chorizo, rosti and relish on top of the bacon and egg.  A line had to be drawn and we decided that to be in the running for our list, a maximum of one extra ingredient could be added.  Any more and the burger gets moved onto the 5 Ridiculously Good Breakfast Burgers list, stay tuned!

5.  Wild Honey, John Gorton Building, Kings Edward Terrace, Parkes, ACT 2601.

We’re wild about this one!

The first B&E on the list almost went by unnoticed- it wasn’t until we glimpsed a pic on Instagram that made us realise this tasty B&E roll even existed.  Wild Honey gave us an excellent combination of crunchy bacon and soft egg.  The soft milk bun does a great job of soaking up all the aioli and bbq sauce.
Extra ingredient: Cheese.

4. Little Bird, Corner of Macquarie and Broughton Sts, Barton ACT 2601.

There ain’t nothin’ little about this!

We just love Little Bird, it seems everything they do is super tasty and this B&E is no different.  Double egg and a layer of cheddar cheese seems to be the way to my heart at the moment.  One egg was runny and the other was a bit firmer- catering to all tastes.  This B&E roll also comes with a delicious smokey bbq sauce that works so well with the egg and bacon.
Extra ingredient: Chedder cheese.

3. Lava, 1/38 Townshend St, Phillip, ACT 2606.

A volcanic explosion of flavours!

You will find this gem of a cafe in Phillip on Townshend St.  The ambience is lovely and food is terrific.  Their B&E roll was tasty- runny egg on a bed of cheese, bacon and bbq sauce.   This one smashed it out of the park.  Simple and delicious!
Extra ingredient: Cheese.

2. The Meating Room, 45 Liardet St, Weston ACT 2611.

A very meaty B&E roll!

The Meating Room has 2 B&E rolls, the ‘Classic’, which we are looking at here and the ‘Meating Room B&E’ (spoiler alert) which we are going to call a breakfast burger in a future top 5 list.  They are all about quality meat, as their name suggests, and the Pialligo bacon featured in their B&E is fantastic!

1. Double Drummer, 2/4 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2601.

Double the fun!

What could make a  bacon and egg roll twice as good?  Double egg and double bacon, that’s what!  Double Drummer has double egg and double bacon, which makes this B&E roll a winner.  You better go on an empty stomach, because those runny eggs loaded with bacon on a soft bun make it very tasty and very filling.

Go try some and let us know what you think!

Happy Eating, Happy Canberra!
– Miguel


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