5 Reasons why we ❤️ Canberra

We just love Canberra.  Here are 5 reasons why …

5.  It’s beautiful.

A stunning image, captured from Miguel’s drone.

Seriously, it really is beautiful.  It’s a city, with a country feel.  With green, tree-lined streets and an abundance of open spaces, Canberra was well designed to incorporate nature.  This city is gorgeous in every season.  Contemporary architecture, beautiful sunsets and amazing skies complete this beautiful city.

4. Our people.

Canberra locals Thaliy and Em from Instagram account @thecanberrabrunchdiaries.

We’re pretty sure that the people of Canberra are the friendliest and most welcoming Australians in the entire country, definitely the most polite!  But the best thing about them is that they love getting out and doing stuff.  It barely matters what is on- a food or music festival, a balloon ride or game of rugby, Canberrans will support it!

3. Balloons.

The Balloons make a spectacular feature in our skies.

Balloons.  Need we say more?  Not really, but we will!  Every year, The Canberra Balloon Spectacular is an awesome way to see a whole bunch of balloons at the one time.  It’s a rite of passage in Canberra- getting up before dawn and heading out to watch the balloons take off.  Hop on a balloon ride or have some breakfast and watch them up close getting ready for flight.  Definitely an experience you do not want to miss.

2. Family and lifestyle.

Beers, burgers and kids entertainment at Capital Brewery, Fyshwick.

There really is nowhere as good as Canberra to raise families! We have tried to keep Canberra a bit of a secret, but it keeps getting voted most liveable city in the world, so it’s hard to keep it under wraps.  We have the best roads, schools and parks.  The city is humming with activity, the food scene is off the charts and we are clearly over-represented on the sports grounds around the country.  We really do have it all, but please don’t tell anyone.

1. Food!

A delicious cheeseburger from Ona, Manuka.

Canberra has become the number 1 food destination in the country.  Our food scene has exploded in recent years.  With gifted chefs and a natural abundance of spectacular produce, Canberra is creating its own niche.  We have some of the best wineries and breweries in the world, alongside amazing restaurants and food festivals.  We are definitely spoilt for choice when we dine out!

So that wraps up why “We ❤️ Canberra”.  We’re Canberra-proud and we wouldn’t live anywhere else!  Follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts to check out more of what makes Canberra so amazing!

– Michelle & Miguel

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