5 Fabulous French Toasts of Canberra

Recently, we collaborated with local Canberra Instagram bloggers The Canberra Brunch Diaries to create this highly delicious video of their favourite French Toast in the Nation’s Capital.  Any excuse to eat delicious French Toast for 5 weekends in a row?  We’re in! 

But let’s not keep you waiting,  here is The Canberra Brunch Diaries with “5 French Toasts of Canberra”, in no particular order.

Patissez, 21 Bougainville, Griffith, ACT 2603.

Oh Canada! Check out that pour!

Patissez may be known for their freak shakes, but they have so much more on offer, including a dedicated french toast menu!  The menu features eight different toppings options for their house-made brioche french toast.  We enjoyed the Banoffee (banana, caramel, honeycomb), the Oh Canada! (bacon, maple syrup, milk crumb) and the Passionfruit Pav (passionfruit, smashed pav, freeze dried rasperries) all served with vanilla gelato.  With friendly service, generous portion sizes and catering for all tastes, this is a must on any foodie bucket list.

Little Oink, 22 Cook Place, Cook ACT 2614.

Pigging out at Little Oink.

For French Toast without the hassle of parking in one of the busier shopping precincts, check out the french toast on offer at Cook shops. Their french toast changes with the seasons and we visited when the caramel apple french toast was on offer.  Brioche French Toast with roasted apples, caramel sauce, custard, cinnamon crumble and berries.  Pretty as a picture!

Penny University, 15 Kennedy St, Kingston, ACT, 2604.

We’ve got our money on the Penny University Banoffee French Toast!

The original and the best – Banoffee Croissant French Toast from Penny University.  This dish has been on the menu for years at Penny’s but they continually make it more and more special.  A french toasted croissant filled with banana and topped with crushed peanuts, vanilla mascarpone, popcorn and salted caramel sauce.  Go with an empty stomach and get your sweet tooth and Instagram ready for this one!

Highroad, 1 Woolley St, Dickson, ACT 2601.

The Canberra Brunch Diaries Highroad French Toast.

Highroad continues to pump out a quality french toast option with each seasonal menu.  They’ve always got a french toast with a twist – think carrot cake, sticky date and banana bread!!  The winter 2019 option is Tiramisu French Toast with chocolate mousse, ona coffee cream cheese, sour cherry, shortbread and mascarpone.  Aside from the french toast, Highroad is always a favourite for all the seating space, interior decor, service and of course, coffee!

Teddy Picker’s, 67 Constitution Ave, Campbell, ACT 2612.

Teddy Picker’s and their delicious custardy French Toast.

Teddy Picker’s have perfected the french toast formula and making it our favourite french toast in Canberra.  While their toppings change with the seasons, they always feature a custard pressed french toast with milk crumb and ice cream.  Currently Teddy’s have spoilt us with not only vanilla ice cream, but a scoop of the one-and-only Gelato Messina passionfruit gelato, as well as generous lashings of lemon curd and meringue.  We also love that their menu holds on to a few favourite dishes and rotates others seasonally.  There’s always friendly service and pets are welcome too.

– Em and Tha
The Canberra Brunch Diaries

5 Must-have Bacon and Egg Rolls on the Southside

Canberra has too many great Bacon and Eggs Rolls, said no one ever!  It is absolutely true though, if you are trying to narrow it down to just five.

The first big hurdle was deciding what we considered a bacon and egg roll to be.  Was it limited to a bun with bacon, egg and condiments only?  Or could the introduction of extra elements be included, and if so, how many?  One of the most ridiculously delicious burgers came with chorizo, rosti and relish on top of the bacon and egg.  A line had to be drawn and we decided that to be in the running for our list, a maximum of one extra ingredient could be added.  Any more and the burger gets moved onto the 5 Ridiculously Good Breakfast Burgers list, stay tuned!

5.  Wild Honey, John Gorton Building, Kings Edward Terrace, Parkes, ACT 2601.

We’re wild about this one!

The first B&E on the list almost went by unnoticed- it wasn’t until we glimpsed a pic on Instagram that made us realise this tasty B&E roll even existed.  Wild Honey gave us an excellent combination of crunchy bacon and soft egg.  The soft milk bun does a great job of soaking up all the aioli and bbq sauce.
Extra ingredient: Cheese.

4. Little Bird, Corner of Macquarie and Broughton Sts, Barton ACT 2601.

There ain’t nothin’ little about this!

We just love Little Bird, it seems everything they do is super tasty and this B&E is no different.  Double egg and a layer of cheddar cheese seems to be the way to my heart at the moment.  One egg was runny and the other was a bit firmer- catering to all tastes.  This B&E roll also comes with a delicious smokey bbq sauce that works so well with the egg and bacon.
Extra ingredient: Chedder cheese.

3. Lava, 1/38 Townshend St, Phillip, ACT 2606.

A volcanic explosion of flavours!

You will find this gem of a cafe in Phillip on Townshend St.  The ambience is lovely and food is terrific.  Their B&E roll was tasty- runny egg on a bed of cheese, bacon and bbq sauce.   This one smashed it out of the park.  Simple and delicious!
Extra ingredient: Cheese.

2. The Meating Room, 45 Liardet St, Weston ACT 2611.

A very meaty B&E roll!

The Meating Room has 2 B&E rolls, the ‘Classic’, which we are looking at here and the ‘Meating Room B&E’ (spoiler alert) which we are going to call a breakfast burger in a future top 5 list.  They are all about quality meat, as their name suggests, and the Pialligo bacon featured in their B&E is fantastic!

1. Double Drummer, 2/4 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2601.

Double the fun!

What could make a  bacon and egg roll twice as good?  Double egg and double bacon, that’s what!  Double Drummer has double egg and double bacon, which makes this B&E roll a winner.  You better go on an empty stomach, because those runny eggs loaded with bacon on a soft bun make it very tasty and very filling.

Go try some and let us know what you think!

Happy Eating, Happy Canberra!
– Miguel


5 Must-Try Eggs Benedict!

When talking about Eggs Benedict, my mind fills with images of fluffy runny eggs, crispy bacon and creamy hollandaise sauce. Today, I am not even going to touch on the spinach, salmon or other variations. I’ll save that for another Top 5!

The history of Eggs Benny is somewhat controversial, but whether it was invented by Lemuel Benedict looking for a hangover cure, or Dominica’s in Manhattan, it is safe to say that it is the best invention ever. Or maybe that was pizza … or the wheel … or penicillin? Whatever, everyone loves Eggs Benedict!

With the New York history lesson over, here is our customary countdown.

A delicious combination of croissant and Eggs Benedict

Kettle and Tin, 71 Mawson Place, Mawson ACT 2605.
I stumbled across this cafe in Mawson completely by accident, a happy accident as it turns out. Their Eggs Benedict is certainly different. Normally, a classic Eggs Benedict is served on hot buttered English muffins. Here, they dispense with the buttered muffins and use half a croissant. It was rich and creamy- totally worth giving a crack. My tip would be to resist the other half of the croissant that comes on the side, it got a bit rich for me.

A delicious traditional Eggs Benedict.

Injoy, 39 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls ACT 2913.
If you wake up hungry, this is the place to go, their servings are generally big- really big. Which I am sure is part of the reason it was super busy, with a queue almost out the door. At the time, I did wonder if the quality might suffer, but I didn’t need to worry. The Eggs Benedict tasted great- they weren’t huge, but my waistline doesn’t need huge! The only issue I had was the yolks weren’t as runny as I would like.


Ivy & the Fox, Old Canberra House, 73 Lennox Crossing, Acton ACT 2601.
Wow, this place just keeps giving. Another interesting take on Eggs Benedict. This feels like an Eggs Benedict that you might find in Mississippi or Texas. Make no mistake, it was great! The pork belly melted in my mouth and the spicy chipotle hollandaise was a refreshing variation. The cornbread did an excellent job of soaking up the chipotle hollandaise.

Eggs Benedict? Not strictly speaking, but jeez it was good.

Bucketloads of flavour!

EQ Café, 70 Kent St, Deakin ACT 2600.
I have always said that the best Eggs Benedict in Canberra are served in this cafe, located in the industrial precinct in Deakin. I have never been disappointed, and this time was no exception. What can I say- the eggs were perfect, the sauce was light and delicious, and it all came together with a bucketload of flavour!

It doesn’t get any better!

Doubleshot Café, 7 Deakin Court, Deakin ACT 2600.
I was well surprised when I started eating my breakfast. I had expected good- I have been eating there for some time now- but my expectations were totally exceeded. They looked and tasted absolutely amazing. The perfectly cooked eggs sitting on that super delicious crispy Pialligo bacon, covered in a creamy hollandaise on toasted English muffins were the perfect way to start my day! I feel life is going to be much harder now that I’ve eaten these eggs, finding someone else who meets their standards will be tough!

I don’t know if my quest for Canberra’s best Eggs Benedict may have some miles to travel, or if I have already found them. Only time (and TheCanberra5) will tell …

Happy Eating!


P.S. If you have any hot tips on something amazing in Canberra, let us know. info@thecanberra5.com