Canberra’s 5 Best Macarons

Macarons- sweet morsels of chewy, delicious goodness that err on the lower side of calories … if you can stick to one! (The average macaron contains less than 100 calories, but who’s counting?!)

We went on a mission to find Canberra’s Best Macarons, and this is what we discovered …

5. The Flute Bakery, 8 Barrier St, Fyshwick ACT 2609.

The Flute Bakery macaron- a Canberra classic!

Perfect in its uniform consistency, the macarons from The Flute Bakery are delicious.  Tiny and adorable with a variety of flavours makes this one for the macaron connoisseur.  The Bakery has a lovely outdoor area, and there’s plenty of room inside, too.  They also do great coffee.  if you’re looking for something savoury before endulging in their macarons, rumour has it their pies are fabulous.

4.  Le Bon Melange Patisserie, G09/48 Gungahlin Place and Bruning St, Gungahlin ACT 2912.

C’est délicieux!

Le Bon Melange is an adorable place to visit, and their macarons are exquisite!  They have an incredible burst of flavour.  I sampled the strawberry and vanilla flavours.  Le Bon Melange is a bustling patisserie and a perfect place to take the family.  They have games for the kids to play while you wait, and delicious hot meals in addition to their baked goods.  A great all-rounder, that caters for everyone.  My eldest child was super impressed with their donuts, too!

3.  Créme n’ Sugar Patisserie, Local Markets.

What a handful!

Créme n’ Sugar had me with their baby-sized macarons.  Super cute!  They are available in little packs, with a variety of flavours contained in each.  Bonus points for the 100’s and 1000’s!  They would look great on a grazing platter, as cake decorations, or when you’re in the car driving home from the markets!!!  (Some of us find them a little too tempting … ) You can find them at Capital Region Farmers Market, EPIC, Flemington Rd & Northbourne Avenue, Mitchell ACT 2602 on Saturdays and Southside Farmers Market, Canberra College, Launceston St, Phillip ACT 2606 on Sundays.

2. Veganarchy, 33 East Row, Canberra ACT 2601.

Macarons with the Midas touch!

Veganarchy has a great ethos.  They create “egg free, dairy free, 100% vegan indulgence”.  We first met Veganarchy at Handmade Canberra Markets and they have now established themselves with a shopfront in Civic.  It’s a great little place to grab something sweet when you’re in the city.  Their macarons are aesthetically gorgeous- I was suitably impressed with their gold dusted macaron.  And the taste!  I sampled an Earl Grey flavour, which had a divine sweet quality.  Subtle and indulgent! Whilst they source their macarons from The Wright Macaron in Albury, NSW, Veganarchy is a local Canberra business.

1.  Dream Cuisine, Local Markets.

Dreamy macarons from Dream Cuisine!

Dream Cuisine macarons are recommended by so many of our followers- and now I know why!  The fillings have an intense flavour burst that blew me away.  The salted caramel was rich and gooey.  The raspberry macaron sweet/sour combo was extraordinary. Owen, the owner of Dream Cuisine, puts a lot of labour and love into his raspberry jam filling!  First, he painstakingly sifts out all of the raspberry seeds.  Then he puts  3% of the seeds back in the jam to give it just the right amount of crunch.  With this level of detail, it’s no surprise they take prime position in our Top 5 Canberra Macarons list!  You can find them at the Old Bus Depot Markets Kingston, Capital Region Farmers Market and Southside Farmers Market.

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5 Awesome Reasons to check out Handmade Canberra Markets


Last week, we brought you 5 kid-friendly cafes in Canberra. This week we bring you … 5 Awesome Reasons to Head to the Handmade Canberra Markets! We went down to EPIC on the last Market weekend to check out the goods, and this is what we found …

5. Gifts Galore!This is THE spot to do your Christmas or birthday present shopping! Make sure you turn up cashed up, I can guarantee your wallet will be empty by the end of your visit.

Cheeky and quirky tea towels from Ink and Weave Tea Towels.
The perfect way to keep yourself organised is with organisers from ATP Creative Design.

4. Fabulous Fashion and Jewellery!Fashion is another strong point at Handmade Canberra. We found some exquisite pieces for women, which are flattering and have a variety of sizes.

Harper and Edie Collections- hailing from Melbourne.  Beautiful women’s clothing!
Wombat and Poss has exquisite children’s clothing.
Nancy Joanna Concrete Jewellery- gorgeous!

3. Cool kid’s stuff!We all know that kids loves a present, and if you want unique and quality presents that impress, this is the place to buy! I saw so many items that would make the perfect birthday or Christmas gifts.

Adorable rattle ice-cream cones from Two Alike.
The sweetest little wooden toys from Miss Molly’s Dolls and Toys.
Dinoplanters are perfect for the little palaeontologists in your life.

2. Delicious Dining and Drink!We all need to eat, so why not do it properly! We advise you to come with an empty stomach and stretchy pants. Whether you want to eat at the markets or grab some quality ingredients, this is the place.

We tried black garlic for the first time, thanks to Breadbo Black Garlic. Delicious and surprisingly mild!
HerCanberra Earl Grey Gin from The Canberra Distillery that changes colour.

1. So much Canberra!TheCanberra5 love anything Canberra-orientated, and there are so many great CBR products and services under one roof (actually, they’re up to about three roofs at EPIC now!)

I’ll be heading back to get my fix from Mr Papa, some of the best Peruvian food I’ve ever had.
I’ll be stocking up on my Sicilian Biscuit Company pasticcini.
It’s the perfect opportunity to partake in some delicious treats from the Cannoli Brothers.

Handmade Canberra- one of the best Canberra markets around! Head down in a few weeks to check it out for the 10th Birthday celebrations. 20th-21st October, 2018. EPIC, Flemington Road and Northbourne Ave, Mitchell ACT 2602.

5 Milkshakes You Just Wanna Spoon! (Kid-friendly edition)

There is something incredibly comforting about a milkshake. Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up, sometimes you just want a filling, delicious drink … or sometimes you’re 4 years old and your entire world revolves around bubbly, chocolate milk and colourful straws! Either way, here are some great places to get your frothy fix:

5. Kettle & Tin, 71 Mawson Place, Mawson ACT 2605.

Check out those bubbles!

This hidden gem brings us yet another Top 5 entry (they featured in our Top 5 Eggs Benedict blog). This time, their delicious chocolate malt milkshake made the cut. They have a variety of flavours, including banana, which is also featured in this vlog.

4. Space Kitchen, 3G/12 Furzer St, Phillip ACT 2606.

Oreos … mmmm!

With so many options for shakes, it was hard to narrow it down. We ended up ordering two- the Oreo Peppermint and the Nutella Shake. Everyone knows that mint and chocolate are a brilliant combo, but putting them in milk with chunky cookie is genio (genius). I loved it! I got my resident Nutella Experts to drink the Nutella shake and they gave me a bigger-than-usual thumbs up. In fact, I couldn’t get any words out of the kids, because they were too busy drinking- clearly a good sign!

3. Ivy and The Fox, 73 Lennox Crossing, Acton ACT 2601.

All that chocolate syrup!

The whole family loves coming here with its big outdoor space. The kids love coming here for the milkshakes even more. I loved seeing all the rich chocolate covering the inside of the mason jars. With 3 scoops of ice cream, this milkshake was creamy, frothy and amazing. As I write this blog, I am still hanging for another Ivy and the Fox milkshake- even after consuming a very filling breakfast (which you can read about in a future blog!).

2. Patissez, 21 Bougainville St, Griffith ACT 2603.

So gooey, so good!

There are so many reasons to go to Patissez (and I am sure you will hear more from us about Patissez in the future). But for now, I will stick with the Freak Shake! This over-the-top, decadent piece of art milkshake is surprisingly delicate- even with its choc fudge, chocolate, a layer of liquid white gold chocolate, brownie and toasted marshmallow. It’s amazing they can get all that goodness into a shake. Guess that’s why it’s called the Freak Shake!

1. Stand By Me, 1 Lyons Place, Lyons ACT 2606.

Check out the malt!

This milkshake doesn’t require too many words. The secret to the success of this fantastic milkshake is its simplicity. I am not sure exactly what they do in that kitchen, but this is the creamiest, maltiest, milkiest and chocolatiest milkshake ever. It is simply tasty AF!

We haven’t even started on the Adults milkshakes with spirits and creams yet … I am a little scared of those. Please stay tuned and let us know if you know of a great milkshake, kid-friendly or of the adult variety.

Happy eating!